“… in every child is the seed that will mature into an adult.” ﹣Maria Montessori

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At Montessori School of Greater Lafayette, we provide a learning environment where children take responsibility for their futures, thrive as individuals, and develop a passion for the world we all share.

Located in West Lafayette, IN, our school has provided the region’s most comprehensive Montessori programs for over 50 years. We also offer infant/parent, early childhood, preschool, elementary, and after school programs.

We welcome students and their families throughout the Greater Lafayette area to join us! 

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About Us

Montessori School of Greater Lafayette has served families in our community since 1972. Discover more about us and start your child’s educational journey at MSGL.

A little bit of history...

In 1972, seven families from the Lafayette area joined together to open a Montessori preschool. The founders envisioned a parent-organized, board-run, not-for-profit school. They opened with one Early Childhood (ages 3-6) classroom serving approximately 10 students.

In 1994, we became a fully accredited Montessori school by the American Montessori Society. The school rented space in a local community center for many years. In 2001, MSGL moved to its permanent location owned by the school corporation on Soldiers Home Road in West Lafayette, IN. Our classrooms underwent a complete interior renovation in 2001 and a playground renovation in 2019.

Today, we currently serve between 150 to 190 children per school year in 13 different programs led by Montessori trained and credentialed staff. The school is owned by a corporation, Montessori Parents, Inc. whose voting members are the parents of enrolled students. These parents elect the school’s Board of Directors each year who oversee the administration of the school.

Click this link for more details on our History of Foundation: 1971-1974 and Fundraising History

What types of classes & programs do we offer at MSGL?

We follow a traditional Montessori curriculum for each age group. We now have multiple programs for children from ages 1 up to 10 years. Classes include:

Early Childhood
Mixed-age elementary (grades 1-6)

Is MSGL an accredited Montessori School?

MSGL is the only Montessori school in the Lafayette/West Lafayette area accredited by the American Montessori Society (AMS). In fact, there are only five Montessori schools in the state of Indiana that have achieved this high distinction. We completed the AMS accreditation process in 2015. MSGL adheres strictly to the guidelines and philosophy set forth by its founder, Maria Montessori.

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More About Montessori Education

Here at MSGL, we emphasize independence, self-confidence, and celebrate every child’s unique personality. Learn more about the Montessori approach and how we do things every day in our classrooms.

How are your programs designed for Montessori learning?

All of our programs utilize the philosophies and methods of Maria Montessori to provide a carefully planned, stimulating, and non-competitive environment to help children develop an excellent foundation for lifelong learning. The materials and activities are geared to foster curiosity, love of learning, and self-confidence, while helping children progress at their own pace and develop habits of concentration, initiative, and persistence.

What does your curriculum cover?

Social Development to provide small group work, cooperative games, and other situations for developing social skills.

Practical Life to develop daily living and fine motor skills while learning to care for oneself, and encouraging respect for others and one’s environment.

Language to develop cognitive, physical, and readiness skills needed for reading, writing, and comprehension.

Sensorial Materials to refine the senses as a key path to early learning about the world.

Math to develop a concrete, as well as abstract, understanding of numbers, counting, and math operations.

Other Activities to provide opportunities for children to explore music, art, creative movement, geography and history, science and nature.

Our Administration

Board of Directors

Our board of directors is elected by the membership (parents of currently enrolled students) and is charged with overseeing the management of the school, creating the operating budget, and evaluating programming. Board members serve two year terms.


  • President – Susan Jischke
  • Vice President – Sarah Gotlund
  • Secretary – Amy Stiner
  • Treasurer – Arthie Viswananthan
  • Caitlyn Rhorer
  • Julie Beckwith
  • Richard Kipphorn
  • Wendy Beauvais
  • Ron Diallo
  • Erica Zbornik
  • Sunny Karnani
  • Barrie Olson
  • Katherine Goldberg

Admin Staff

MSGL is proud of the excellent teachers and staff we have employed to help your children learn, explore and create in the Montessori method of education. Staff biographies will soon be available on this page. Until then, they are available upon request. Contact us today.

Join the Team!

“We absolutely love this school. We moved here while we were expecting our second child and, being worried about how to care for two children, were looking for a place to send our 2-year-old part-time. We had no prior experience with the Montessori approach to education, but now we’re hooked! I feel the classes and teachers play an integral role in raising my children, giving them opportunities I could not give them at home. MSGL has not only been great for my children, but for me as well. I feel reassured knowing that I have a place to bring them where they receive wonderful care and lots of personal attention.”
﹣Libby M.

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