“… in every child is the seed that will mature into an adult.” ﹣Maria Montessori

Our School


At Montessori School of Greater Lafayette, we provide a learning environment where children take responsibility for their futures, thrive as individuals, and develop a passion for the world we all share.

Located in West Lafayette, IN, our school has provided the region’s most comprehensive Montessori programs for over 50 years. We also offer infant/parent, early childhood, preschool, elementary, and after school programs.

We welcome students and their families throughout the Greater Lafayette area to join us! 

We have spots available in most of our programs! Apply today! Our toddler program is currently full, but we are accepting applications still for the toddler waiting list. 


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About Us

Montessori School of Greater Lafayette has served families in our community since 1972. Discover more about us and start your child’s educational journey at MSGL.

A little bit of history...

In 1972, seven families from the Lafayette area joined together to open a Montessori preschool. The founders envisioned a parent-organized, board-run, not-for-profit school. They opened with one Early Childhood (ages 3-6) classroom serving approximately 10 students.

In 1994, we became a fully accredited Montessori school by the American Montessori Society. The school rented space in a local community center for many years. In 2001, MSGL moved to its permanent location owned by the school corporation on Soldiers Home Road in West Lafayette, IN. Our classrooms underwent a complete interior renovation in 2001 and a playground renovation in 2019.

Today, we currently serve between 150 to 190 children per school year in 13 different programs led by Montessori trained and credentialed staff. The school is owned by a corporation, Montessori Parents, Inc. whose voting members are the parents of enrolled students. These parents elect the school’s Board of Directors each year who oversee the administration of the school.

What types of classes & programs do we offer at MSGL?

We follow a traditional Montessori curriculum for each age group. We now have multiple programs for children from ages 1 up to 10 years. Classes include:

Early Childhood
Mixed-age elementary (grades 1-6)

Is MSGL an accredited Montessori school?

MSGL is the only Montessori school in the Lafayette/West Lafayette area accredited by the American Montessori Society (AMS). In fact, there are only five Montessori schools in the state of Indiana that have achieved this high distinction. We completed the AMS accreditation process in 2015. MSGL adheres strictly to the guidelines and philosophy set forth by its founder, Maria Montessori.

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More About Montessori Education

Here at MSGL, we emphasize independence, self-confidence, and celebrate every child’s unique personality. Learn more about the Montessori approach and how we do things every day in our classrooms.

How are your programs designed for Montessori learning?

All of our programs utilize the philosophies and methods of Maria Montessori to provide a carefully planned, stimulating, and non-competitive environment to help children develop an excellent foundation for lifelong learning. The materials and activities are geared to foster curiosity, love of learning, and self-confidence, while helping children progress at their own pace and develop habits of concentration, initiative, and persistence.

What does your curriculum cover?

Social Development to provide small group work, cooperative games, and other situations for developing social skills.

Practical Life to develop daily living and fine motor skills while learning to care for oneself, and encouraging respect for others and one’s environment.

Language to develop cognitive, physical, and readiness skills needed for reading, writing, and comprehension.

Sensorial Materials to refine the senses as a key path to early learning about the world.

Math to develop a concrete, as well as abstract, understanding of numbers, counting, and math operations.

Other Activities to provide opportunities for children to explore music, art, creative movement, geography and history, science and nature.

Our Administration

Board of Directors

Our board of directors is elected by the membership (parents of currently enrolled students) and is charged with overseeing the management of the school, creating the operating budget, and evaluating programming. Board members serve two year terms.


  • Heather Wilson,  President
  • Ripam Singh 
  • Lucy Fluellen
  • Sarah Gotlund
  • Oliver Beers
  • Gloribel Rosales-Burdin

Admin Staff

MSGL is proud of the excellent teachers and staff we have employed to help your children learn, explore and create in the Montessori method of education. Staff biographies will soon be available on this page. Until then, they are available upon request. Contact us today.

Join the Team!

Heather Wilson

Heather Wilson

President, Board of Directors

This is my second year of serving the MSGL community as a board member.

After earning my Masters in Occupational Therapy, I entered into the professional world to explore my passion in health and rehabilitation. I have worked for Franciscan Alliance St. Elizabeth providing
inpatient rehab services and Cooperative School Services providing school-based therapy services to students K-12. I have experience in the typical stages of physical development, Sensory Processing Disorders, Autism, Developmental Delays, physical limitations, and environmental modifications.

My family and I love to travel and to go on adventures! We love the outdoors, good food, and staying active! I look forward to meeting all the new families at MSGL this year and am proud to be a part of something that has provided this community for 50 years.

Oliver Beers

Oliver Beers

Board Member

This is my eighth year of serving the MSGL community as a board member.

My educational background is in Computer Information Systems; however, I made a career in networking technology. I worked for a local Internet Service Provider (Wintek) starting in 2005 and later
purchased the company in 2010. After growing the company for nearly 10 years, my business partner and I decided to sell it to Tipmont REMC in 2019. I have since started and have gotten involved in many
more local companies. I bring a wide range of business experience to the board along with technical expertise.

Both of my daughters, Alexis and Avery have been to MSGL and enjoyed their time immensely. I look forward to working with other board members, staff and teachers, and the community to help grow and
strategically place MSGL in a good position towards the future.

Sarah Gotlund

Sarah Gotlund

Board Member

This is my first year serving the MSGL community as a board member.

I am a West Lafayette native and proud to have served this community through volunteerism for most of my adult life. Professionally, I work as a Birth and Postpartum Doula, as well as a Certified Lactation Counselor. I also own and manage rental property with my husband. In my off time, I formed and manage a free cloth diaper lending program to help tackle diaper need that affects 1 in 3 families in our community. I am the creator of Parents of Greater Lafayette, an open collaborative parenting community, and a leader for Greater Lafayette Babywearing. I am currently serving my 6th year as treasurer for my homeowners association. I advocate for birth choice through Indiana Families for Midwifery. I also provide education regarding cloth diapering through Tippecanoe Cloth Diapering and organize for Tippecanoe Veg Network. Through my volunteerism over the years, I have had the pleasure of cultivating relationships with many of the non-profit organizations in the area. I have acquired an extensive amount of bookkeeping experience due to my business and volunteer work. I am also thankful to have many close expert contacts to consult with regarding building and grounds maintenance.

My daughter is in Hickory and has attended MSGL for 5 years. My son is now in his first year at MSGL in the Toddler room. The parent community, staff, and campus have become such a large part of our family’s life. I am honored to serve MSGL as it continues to be an ideal model of education in our community

Gloribel Rosales-Burdin

Gloribel Rosales-Burdin

Board Member

Hello MSGL community I am Gloribel Rosales-Burdin (aka Adalena’s mama). I have been on the MSGL Board of Directors since 2021.

I have a diverse educational and professional background with a BS in Organizational Leadership and Supervision from Purdue University and a dual master’s degree in Adult and Community Education and Executive Development for Public Service with a master’s certificate in Early Childhood Administration from Ball State. With this, I have worked primarily in higher education, starting locally with Ivy Tech Community College, where I served in various roles throughout Student Affairs for a few years, which has recently led me to become a Senior Academic Advisor in the department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture at my alma mater Purdue University (funny how some things go full circle). In addition to academic advising, I am also a part-time faculty for communications, teaching an intro speech class (I love observing others LEARN).

It has been my passion for human development and family studies that led me to learn about philosophies like Montessori and to learn how great it is for our developing children in all aspects. Maria Montessori is an inspirational education pioneer who paved the way for many other educational philosophies and methods.

My family and I have loved being a part of MSGL, appreciating and respecting the joy, love, and care it brings to our child, and fulfilling the need to feel at peace that my child is being cared for by others who share a similar mindset. I am looking forward to continuing to serve and to be an effective ally for this beautiful, cultivating learning environment.

Lucy Fluellen

Lucy Fluellen

Board Member

This is my third year serving on the board.

I grew up in Lafayette and went to Purdue for both my bachelors and master’s degrees in Management & HR and Technology, Leadership & Innovation, respectively.  I am a Strategic Data Manager for the College of Agriculture at Purdue where I work in budgetary, financial, HR, student and other various data forms.  I help provide information to our leaders so that they may be able to make data driven decisions.

We love being close to Purdue’s campus and all that it has to offer. You can find us attending many of the Purdue Convocation events in town.  We love to travel and explore new places, attend traveling Broadway shows, and try new foods.  We also enjoy exploring old places through our daughter’s novice and curious eyes.

Our daughter is in the Hickory classroom.  This is her fourth year at Montessori.  We love the campus and have really enjoyed watching her grow in her independence since starting at Montessori.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue to send my daughter to MSGL and to be able to give back a little through serving on the board.

“We absolutely love this school. We moved here while we were expecting our second child and, being worried about how to care for two children, were looking for a place to send our 2-year-old part-time. We had no prior experience with the Montessori approach to education, but now we’re hooked! I feel the classes and teachers play an integral role in raising my children, giving them opportunities I could not give them at home. MSGL has not only been great for my children, but for me as well. I feel reassured knowing that I have a place to bring them where they receive wonderful care and lots of personal attention.”
﹣Libby M.

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