“Free the child’s potential and you will transform him into the world.”
﹣Maria Montessori

Admissions & Tuition

Begin your child’s education at Montessori School of Greater Lafayette today. Whether you’re interested in our early childhood, preschool, kindergarten, or elementary programs, let us provide the learning environment your child needs to thrive as an individual.

We encourage parents and families throughout the Greater Lafayette, IN area to join our community. You can also complete a virtual tour here or complete the following application forms to begin the enrollment process.

Please note: Our cut-off date for the student to meet the minimum age requirement for class is September 1st. (example: they must be 3 years old by September 1 of that beginning school year in order to be in the Early childhood program. No exceptions.) 


Tuition Assistance

Tuition rates for the following school year are normally available after the corporation meeting in late May. Tuition rates typically increase 3-5% annually. You can apply for tuition assistance after you have completed an application and made the application fee payment. Tuition assistance is awarded in June for the upcoming school year.

Summer Camp Registration

Complete the registration forms and get your child ready for a fun-filled summer at MSGL!  

Announcement regarding the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program:

We have received inquiries regarding MSGL’s participation in the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program. We have not participated in this program to date. We have typically shied away from seeking state or federal monies for our programming due to the governmental involvement in our programming that comes along with accepting these monies. As we began receiving these inquiries about the Indiana Choice Scholarship Program, we did take some time to investigate how the program works, how a school is chosen to participate in the program, and what governmental expectations would be for the participating school. In the course of our investigation, we learned that all our levels of programming would have to participate in the state mandated performance testing. This requires that we have state certified personnel on staff approved to administer these tests which we currently do not. Further, this type of testing is antithetical to our Montessori pedagogy and our practices. For MSGL to participate in the program for tuition assistance, much would need to change here. There currently is no consensus regarding making such changes. Thus, there is not a plan to participate in the program.

Annual Pricing for 2024-2025 School Year

Parent-Infant Program

Ages 1-2

9:00 AM ‒ 10:30 AM


9:00 AM ‒ 10:30 AM

Toddler Program

Ages 2-3


Toddler 5-Mornings
Monday – Friday
8:30 AM ‒ 11:30 AM

Early Childhood Programs

Preschool & Kindergarten ‒ Ages 3-6

Morning 5-Mornings
Monday ‒ Friday
8:30 AM ‒ 11:30 AM

Afternoon 3-Afternoons
Monday, Wednesday, & Friday
12 PM ‒ 3 PM

Afternoon 5-Afternoons
Monday ‒ Friday
12 PM ‒ 3 PM

Five Full Days
Monday ‒ Friday
8:30 AM ‒ 3 PM

Elementary Program

Grades 1-6

Elementary 5-Days
Monday ‒ Friday
8:15AM – 3:15 PM

“Christopher is a bright, quiet child who has benefited from the individualized attention and support for working at his own level and pace in the classroom. All of the teachers’ incredible patience and the calm, structured work of the classroom have nurtured his growth. The Montessori environment has allowed him to experience and learn cooperation, acceptance, and respect among all persons.”
﹣Debbie G.

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Montessori School of Greater Lafayette
Business Hours
Monday - Friday:
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Office Hours
Monday - Friday:
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