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Playground Safety Schedule

Playground Safety

Playground Safety Checks include the following:
  • Sweep up wood chips on walkway and dump into play equipment area.
  • Rake wood chips toward play equipment, especially on east side.
  • Pick up trash as needed.
  • Do safety check (see below)
Examined Conditions
Playground unit
Sandbox area
Toddler Yard
Visible cracks, bending, rusting of metal
Sharp edges or points accessible
Splintered, warped or deteriorated wood
Deformation of open hooks, rings, links
Broken supports or anchors
Jagged, exposed or cracked and loose concrete
Inadequate impact-absorbing material under equipment
Exposed ends of pipe, missing caps or plugs
Protruding bolt ends without finished caps or covers
Chipped or peeling paint
Broken or missing rails, steps, rungs seats
Loose or missing hardware
Pinch or crush points, moving components
Person Inspecting and Date

The broom, rake and trash bags can be found in the shed near the toddler yard.

If you have a conflict on your scheduled week, please trade with another committee member. 


Thanks for your help!
MSGL Landscaping and Grounds Committee




 Week  Name
 August 12-16  V. Rodriguez
 August 19-23  V. Rodriguez
 August 26-30  V. Rodriguez
 Sept 2: Labor Day - No School  ***
 September 3-6
 K. Eugster
 September 9-13  K. Eugster
 September 16-20  K. Eugster
 September 23-27  O. Wasel
 September 30 - October 4  H. Bentley
 October 7-11  H. Bentley
 October 14-18  O. Wasel
 October 21-25  M. Gramig
 Oct 24-25: Parent/Teacher Conferences - No School  ***
 October 28 - November 1  M. Gramig
 November 4-8  A. Foose
 November 11-15  A. Foose
 November 18-22  M. Zhalnine
 November 25-27  M. Zhalnine
 Nov 28-29: Thanksgiving Break - No School  ***
 December 2-6  E. Kresovsky
 December 9-13  E. Kresovsky
 December 16-20  E. Kresovsky
 Dec 23 - Jan 6:  Winter Break - No School
 January 7-10  D. Minton
 January 13-17  D. Minton
 January 20-24  D. Minton
 January 27-31  D. Minton
 February 3-7  M. Law-Penrose
 February 10-14  
 February 17-21  
 Feb 17: Staff Professional Day - No School  ***
 February 24-28  
 March 3-7  M. Law-Penrose
 March 10-14  
 Mar 17 - 21: Spring Break - No School  ***
 March 24-28  
 March 31 - April  4  M. Law-Penrose
 April 7-11  K. Tackett
 April 14-18  K. Tackett
 Apr 17-18: Parent Teacher Conferences - No School  ***
 April 21-25  K. Tackett
 April 28 - May 2  S. Maxwell
 May 5-9  S. Maxwell
 May 12-16  S. Maxwell
 May 19-23  D. Minton
 May 27-30  D. Minton