Log your Service Hours
Volunteers Make Our School Work

We appreciate all that you do!  As a non-profit, family-run school, your time is required to make our school community work.  During the 2009-2010 school year, the board implemented a service hour requirement (i.e., time spent contributing to the improvement of the school) to ensure that all of the MSGL families participate in school operations.  Each family must complete at least 12 service hours during a one-year period (i.e., June 2014-May 2015).  This requirement is per family, not per child enrolled.  Unfortunately, service hour participation is not at the level that we need to get everything done around the school and therefore, the board is offering a buy-out option this year as a way to defer some of the costs that incur for general maintenance and site improvements.  Families will now have two ways to complete their required service time; volunteering around the school or buying out the time. 

Service hours are very easy to fulfill; this document lists several of the ways you can donate your time to MSGL.  Also, if two family members (including children) attend clean up days, you can count each individual’s hours!  To log your service hours, simply log onto the MSGL website.  Volunteer opportunities will be posted on the website for the upcoming school year in order to provide families with simple ways to complete their hours. 

Buy out:
If you feel you cannot attain your hours in the upcoming school year, we are providing you an option to buy up to 10 of your service hours at $10 per hour.  This buyout option will expire September 15, 2014.  Laundry and snack rotation are still required, so you cannot “buy” those service hours.  If your family has not met the service hour requirement by May 1, 2015, you will be charged $12 per remaining hour.

Volunteer Hours Example


Task Time*
Laundry 30 min
Snack 30 min
Supplies for a celebration 30 min
Recycling 1 hr
Sound table 1 hr
Listening to readers 1 hr
Xeroxing 30 min
Play dough 30 min
*Times are best estimates, your time may vary.

Other examples of volunteer work is yard work, filed trips, pumpkin cutting, yearbook committee meeting, class room crafts, sweeping mulch, setting chairs up, and handing out ice cream.  All of these actions help to enrich the MSGL community and our school.