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Benefit Concert

Join us for the
2nd Annual Heads on Stamps
MSGL Building Fundraiser

at Indianas Oldest Saloon
The Knickerbocker - in downtown Lafayette
Saturday, March 3 at 8:30 pm

Show time is a baby-sitter friendly 8:30 - so make plans, have a nice dinner and come enjoy a great evening of fun with MSGL friends. If you've only heard stories about last years event than now is the time to see for yourself.

All proceeds from the show go to the MSGL building fund - talk to the office about reserved seating (that's a guaranteed chair!) at $10 per person. This is way cheaper than a movie, a great time with lots of your friends, and all of it goes to the school!

Heads on Stamps is a rock and roll show band with 3 of it's members related to MSGL. Heather, our lead singer is also a lead teacher at MSGL. Her husband Tony, is a previous board president and was very involved with the new campus buildings in 2000. Joe, our bass player, is married to Hyeri, an assistant teacher in the toddler room.

Heres some video of us playing at the Knickerbocker last year for some MSGL fans.

While we are a Rock and Roll band and no-one would ever call us 'quiet' - we are NOT a crazy-loud, ear-ringing band that is out to show off how loud we can be. We want you to enjoy our music, your friends, and the Knickerbocker. We play well, but at a reasonable volume and with the Knickerbocker performance room being smoke free it makes for a very enjoyable evening with friends.

Ways this event is like a Montessori Classroom:

1) Group singing and clapping is encouraged!
2) You can use the bathroom whenever you'd like.
3) Appropriate behavior with your neighbors and friends - hitting is never allowed - use your words.
4) There is snack (but you don't have to bring it)

Ways this event is NOT like a Montessori Classroom:

1) Outdoor voices are allowed inside.
2) Fully stocked bar.
3) Miss Heather rarely breaks into 'Gold Dust Woman' in class
4) No line-time.
5) Your parents will probably NOT be picking you up at the end of the show - so plan accordingly!

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