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froggie on the playground!

  • "My heart is biggest but I like your heart, too.
  • "I can run faster than any human."



  • "She's my best friend."
  • ‚Äč"Is it cake pop day?"
  • "I will share with you."

  • "You're like a grandma." (Spoken to a teacher whom the child thought was being bossy.)
  • "Look what I've got! Shorts!! Underneath my pants!!!"
  • "Heather, you look GOOD!"
  • "There's no more blocks missing like sometimes I probably stole them."
  • "I need to sit. I'm tired of standing up."


  • "I'll bet you can skate on it's rings." (After learning that Saturn has rings made of ice.)


  • Child 1: "We are going to play outside for 100  minutes." Child 2: "100 minutes isn't even a thing!"
  • "We ALL have zippers on our fleeces."
  • "If you want to be a scientist, listen to me!"

chemist in the making?

  • Child 1: "My brother is 100." Child 2: "Brothers can't be 100. Dads can be 100."
  • "My dad is 14 years old. Maybe even more."
  • Child 1: "God is dead." Child 2: "No he's not." Child 1: "Yes he is. He died." Child 2: "God has 10 lives and when he dies he comes back to life, right?"
  • "I'm an architect."