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A car full of goodies is ready to be delivered to a local family sponsored by MSGL families.

       A Lafayette mom got a big surprise Thursday night when Montessori School of Greater Lafayette (MSGL) teacher, Kelly Sallee, and her husband Randy delivered a car full of holiday cheer to her front door. Evelyn (not her real name), a 33-year-old mother of four who was recently diagnosed with cancer, knew the Sallees were bringing dinner and a few surprises for her older children, but she wasn't expecting armfuls of gifts and personal items for her 10-month-old baby, her husband, and even herself. 

       "She knew nothing about this," Sallee said of the mom's reaction. "She said she feels so grateful and blessed."

       After being diagnosed with cancer in the fall and going through two surgeries, Evelyn worried that she and her husband would not be able to give their children a happy Christmas. Her husband works full-time and also helps her get to her treatments in Indianapolis every week. The travel expense and taking time away from work has made it difficult for the family to pay their rent and other bills, so Christmas presents were out of the question. When Evelyn reached out to local assistance groups in early December, she learned she had missed the deadline to apply. So she turned to a local Facebook group to see if anyone knew of an organization that could help her give her children just a little something to look forward to on Christmas morning, and that's where Kelly found her. 

A basket of items just for mom.

       "I called two local agencies to see if they knew of a family that my family could sponsor for the holidays but they didn't respond," Kelly said. "So I thought, I'm going to go find my own family."

       When she saw Evelyn's post on Facebook, she sent her a message and they started talking. Kelly was moved by the young mom's situation and decided this was a family that could really use some help. When she shared the young family's story with the families of her Willow preprimary class at MSGL, they were eager to help. Teachers and families from other classes and Kelly's mom and sister also joined in, and that's when the fun really started.

Taylor and Kelly preparing to wrap packages.

       "I am so overwhelmed with the great response," Kelly said. "I received so many gift cards in my mailbox and there were new items in the collection box every day. I am thankful for the classroom families and teachers who have contributed to this cause."

       The box Kelly put in the hallway to collect items for the children was soon overflowing and the items had to be stored in the school's conference room. Although Evelyn was only hoping to have a few items for her 6, 8, and 11-year-old children, the outpouring of love from the MSGL community included items for the baby, a gift card for dad, and a basket filled with lotion, fuzzy socks, and candles to pamper mom. The family also received gift cards for gas to help with driving back and forth to Indianapolis for Evelyn's treatments. Classroom parents and Kelly's mother and sister wrapped all of the gifts and made stockings personalized with each child's name.

MSGL families sponsored a local family that could use a little extra love this year. 
The family celebrates Christmas, so families donated gifts and stockings.

       On Thursday, Kelly and Randy packed up the gifts, picked up pizzas for the family's dinner, and delivered them to their home. The children had to stay in their rooms until everything was hidden because mom and dad want the gifts to be a surprise on Christmas morning. Evelyn had just returned from having a port implanted for chemotherapy that day and was not feeling well, but she thanked the Sallees over and over again for everything they had done. She was especially touched by the handmade cards made by the MSGL children.

Cards made by the children of Willow class.

       "She said she was surprised that the kids had made the cards just for them," Kelly said. "And she hung them up with all of her other Christmas cards."

       Kelly hopes the MSGL family can reach out to a local family again next year and she intends to start planning in the fall.

       "Not only did it bring so much joy to my family and myself to be able to help this sweet family this holiday season, but it was equally priceless to see how well-received this endeavor was at Montessori. I signed one of the cards on behalf of the school so that the family knew our community came together to make a magical morning for this very deserving family."



Somdatta and Felicia of the Canoe Birch Class and Cathy and Mary of the All-Day Program invited the children to tell who and what they are thankful for and then wrote their answers on leaves. Each class has a paper tree by the door displaying the children's gratitude. As this Thanksgiving Day draws to a close I thought it would be nice to share the gratitude of these 3, 4, and 5-year-olds with all of you. 

































Enjoy your holiday weekend!





We're really reaching back here for Halloween gold - all the way back to 1989. Back in the day, the whole school had a costume parade in the Morton Center gymnasium. It was a big year for bunnies, clowns, and superheroes. 

 1989 costume parade in the Morton gymnasium.

1989 costume party in Room D.

1989 - Long-time teacher Durga Desai and Room A's costume parade.

 1990 - An apparently fabulous convocation with art, pumpkins, and puppets.

 2000? - Briana Hinds scrubbing a pumpkin in Cathy Stier's ADP class.

 2000? - Toddler class Halloween party. Mason Arndt facing camera.

 2001? - A Halloween tradition - Ginny Meyer greeting the children dressed in her spider costume.

2003 - Becca and Tessa Farmer, Grace Harvey, Catherine Chua, Hannah Hawkins & friends at a Montessori family Halloween party.

The classrooms don't dress in costumes as much anymore, but they usually go on field trips to the pumpkin patch.

 2004 - Miss Jennifer and the Toddler class carving a pumpkin.

 2004 - Darby B., Hannah D., and Bridget O. on a field trip to the pumpkin patch with Ana Orizondo's Willow class.

 2004 -Zoe with her treasured but kind of icky pumpkin.

 2005 - Revati Nemani helps a friend with the parts of the pumpkin work in Catalpa.

 2008 - Dana Adamson carving a pumpkin with River Birch children.

 2009 - Heather Harvey carving a pumpkin with River Birch class the following year.

 2010 - Elementary class goes to the pumpkin patch.

 2010 - Emma and Zach scoop out the pumpkin guts.

 2011 - Ashton's big haul from the pumpkin patch trip with Canoe Birch.

 2011 - Anita Trent helps carry Red Oak pumpkins from the patch to the bus.

 2012 - Willow class friends share a special fall party treat.

I hope you have enjoyed our first-ever Halloween edition of Wayback Wednesday. If you know anyone in these photos and want to share their names with us (or our website with them) we would really appreciate it. Have fun tomorrow and I hope you get lots and lots of candy - or not. Whichever you prefer :)