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froggie on the playground!

  • "My heart is biggest but I like your heart, too.
  • "I can run faster than any human."



  • "She's my best friend."
  • ‚Äč"Is it cake pop day?"
  • "I will share with you."

  • "You're like a grandma." (Spoken to a teacher whom the child thought was being bossy.)
  • "Look what I've got! Shorts!! Underneath my pants!!!"
  • "Heather, you look GOOD!"
  • "There's no more blocks missing like sometimes I probably stole them."
  • "I need to sit. I'm tired of standing up."


  • "I'll bet you can skate on it's rings." (After learning that Saturn has rings made of ice.)


  • Child 1: "We are going to play outside for 100  minutes." Child 2: "100 minutes isn't even a thing!"
  • "We ALL have zippers on our fleeces."
  • "If you want to be a scientist, listen to me!"

chemist in the making?

  • Child 1: "My brother is 100." Child 2: "Brothers can't be 100. Dads can be 100."
  • "My dad is 14 years old. Maybe even more."
  • Child 1: "God is dead." Child 2: "No he's not." Child 1: "Yes he is. He died." Child 2: "God has 10 lives and when he dies he comes back to life, right?"
  • "I'm an architect."




Somdatta and Felicia of the Canoe Birch Class and Cathy and Mary of the All-Day Program invited the children to tell who and what they are thankful for and then wrote their answers on leaves. Each class has a paper tree by the door displaying the children's gratitude. As this Thanksgiving Day draws to a close I thought it would be nice to share the gratitude of these 3, 4, and 5-year-olds with all of you. 

































Enjoy your holiday weekend!





First, I will start with what I saw this week. This was my favorite moment. 

 “Trees are much like human beings and enjoy each other's company. Only a few love to be alone.” - Jens Jensen, Siftings, 1939


Another photo. If you are familiar with Humans of New York, the book and website by Brandon Stanton, then I know you can relate. If not, I know you can relate.


This week in microfashion. Did she choose the paint or did the paint choose her?


Children dress so fabulously and so beautifully because they have not yet learned that other people are judging their choices. They wear what they like. I want to wear what I like but I feel childish. How old will I grow before I truly understand that being childish is the truest way to be?



And, one more photo.

 What does it feel like the moment just before your mom wraps her arms around you?




And now, for what I heard.   


1. I erroneously asked a child how she was enjoying her Kindergarten year at MSGL. She responded, "I'm not IN Kindergarten. That's why I'm HERE!"


2. "That's a small story."


3. A friend was reading me a note from his lunch box. "Look! Look it! It says I'm going to my grandma's house. And I think I'm gonna get a Spiderman hat when we go to the store."


4. "Yeah. Let's do our maps."


5. "Where's the damn lizard?"


 File photo.

Rest easy. That darned lizard was found. 

What did you hear this week at MSGL? We hope you'll tell us.
Have a terrific weekend!