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Teachers of MSGL: The Year in Photos

We Love Our Teachers!

The lovely ladies of MSGL, August 2014

     It's Teacher Appreciation Week and it's the perfect time to give a shout out to the Montessori School of Greater Lafayette's amazing teaching staff. Our teachers come from all over the world and from many different backgrounds, bringing their experiences, understanding, and love of children to share with our Montessori families. Did you know that West Lafayette is the most culturally diverse city in the Midwest? This is largely due to the population of Purdue University which is ranked 2nd in the nation for total international student enrollment. Since over 60% of our families have a connection to Purdue either as staff or students, it's not surprising that MSGL's teaching staff is also diverse. 

     One way we measure this diversity is with a tally of languages spoken by the staff. Over 26% of the staff speaks English and a second language fluently. And 10% of staff members are trilingual, allowing MSGL to offer students daily exposure to Spanish, Russian, and Korean language and culture. Here is a breakdown of staff languages.  

     The teachers' love for their work shows in the number of years they have been with the school and their eagerness to enroll their own children here. Over half of our staff members have been with the school for over 10 years. And 61% of the staff currently have children enrolled at MSGL, are parents of MSGL alumni, or are MSGL alumni themselves.

     Some of our teachers came to Montessori after studying education. Many others followed their children here before deciding to become a teacher with backgrounds including art history, biology, interior design, psychology, anthropology, nursing, journalism, medieval studies, philosophy, history, and chemistry. However they discovered Montessori, we are grateful they found us and chose to stay. Here is a look at these hard-working ladies over the past year.


Mary Dyrenfurth and Cathy Stier

Revati Nemani

Stacie Seipel

Constance Straight

Machelle French

Lena Atkinson

Angie Shamo

Somdatta Datta Roy

Eunsuk Han

Dilya McClaine

Dena Saunders

Ana Ramirez

Pam Adams

Anita Trent

Janet Lee

Emily Frazier

Suman Harshvardhan

Fay Mentzer

Marilyn Martin

Erica Wallskog

Ginette Roos

Heather Harvey

Melissa Valencia

Chloe Garwood

Beth Nichols


     We salute you, beautiful ladies of MSGL! Thank you for bringing your dedication, your love of children, and your sense of humor with you each and every day.


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